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Here are some of our most popular services and procedures
Hygiene Prevention is the most effective way of treating illness. By far the best thing you can do for your oral health. Regular hygiene appointments will not only give you a clean mouth and bright smile, but also a well rounded comprehension of your oral hygiene status. From brushing technique, to a discussion about which teeth are at risk, we make sure our patients have a complete understanding in regards to their oral cavity.
Cavities & Crowns Once the decay has permeated within a certain depth, restorative dentistry becomes a viable option. Commonly known as a filling, we offer all shades of white composite, classic amalgam when the moment calls for it, as well as temporary and sedative fillings.
Root Canals Root canals are needed once decay has reached the heart of the tooth: its pulp. Having the latest in endodontic materials and instrumentation, we offer lasting treatments to ensure you can preserve your teeth.
Orofacial Pain A significant portion of the population suffers from orofacial pain. These conditions may arise from night time clenching, stress, or secondary to other injuries. When left untreated, these symptoms may progress and become more painful.
Extractions At times, the only viable option to remove pain, is to remove the tooth at fault.
Gum & Bone Disease Other than teeth, the supportive tissue is also of great concern. From root planing, to soft and hard tissue grafts, our clinic offers modern approaches to this chronic issue. Recent studies show the improvement of glucose levels and cardiovascular conditions from the reduction of virulent bacteria population in the mouth.
Implantology Much like the foundation of a building, implants are a metal structure placed within the bone, that allow dentists to build on them. Whether it is to fill in one missing tooth with a crown, a larger space with a bridge or an entire mouth with a denture, implants are an anchor that add functional stability and esthetics to those who want an ideal treatment.
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